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The Objectives of the Geological Engineering Program are to educate and graduate students as engineers who:

1.  have opportunities for employment in responsible staff and management positions at private and government sector institutions in the fields of mineral and energy resource exploration, urban and regional planning, evaluation of geological aspects of pre-design, construction and performance monitoring of engineering structures, geotechnical, hydrogeological, mining, petroleum and natural gas projects and related environmental problems utilizing  fundamental and digital geoscience techniques,

2. have comprehensivel knowledge and skills to investigate natural and manmade hazards and carry out site investigations for engineering analysis and design,

3. can integrate geology to interdisciplinary projects from conceptual phase through analysis and long-term sustainability of various engineering problems.

4. demonstrate high ethical, social and environmental awareness with excellent communication skills in careers as successful engineers.

5. are fully prepared to undertake advanced graduate studies in leading national and international academic institutions, and should they desire, become exceptionally qualified faculty to instruct future generations of geoscienece students and engineers